[Setup] Re: Problems with installing Plone

Joe Malin jmalin at jmalin.com
Sun Feb 19 01:04:06 UTC 2006

Dear Gael

I'm afraid I can't be of much help. I was running into a problem 
installing Plone 2.1.2 *Windows installer* on Windows XP. The problem I 
encountered was an error "string index out of range" when attempting to 
create a Plone instance in the ZMI. I solved the problem by following 
the instructions documented for bug 5109 

The root cause is an entry for the mime type application/x-aim. This 
mime type is installed into the Registry with an empty extension, and 
when the Plone system attempts to parse the extension value it blows up. 
That mime type is for AOL Instant Messenger. The Plone module 
py_mimetypes.py needs to be rewritten so it doesn't attempt to parse an 
empty extension. Also, I think the AOL engineers need to fix their 
installation so that it doesn't create the offending key. I don't see 
any other extensions registered in *all of the Registry* with an empty key.

This *might conceivably* cause problems in a UN*X system, but I can't 
comment further. I don't know UN*X well enough to tell anyone where to look.

As an aside, I have a suggestion for correspondents to this list: Please 
do *something* to establish the context for your message. I received the 
following in my Inbox (quoted in its entirety). I can't tell if the 
writer was actually trying to contact *me*, and I don't know if the 
writer was replying to some specific message I had written to the list.


Gaël wrote:

>I' writing to you because I have the same problems than you installing Plone
>2.1.2 on FreeBSD.
>Even with the recommanded  zope 2.8.5 and python 2.3.5 version this does not
>work with my freebsd 5.4.
>Have you solve your problem ?
>Could you explain me how you did it ?
>With kind regards,
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