[Setup] Re: feedbackForm problems

Andy Koch andy.koch at pc-doctor.com
Fri Feb 17 18:51:54 UTC 2006

David wrote:
> Plone newbie here.  I'm following the tutorial in Chapter 6 of "The Definitive
> Guide to Plone" for setting up a feedbackForm and I keep getting the following
> error:
> /////
> Site error
> This site encountered an error trying to fulfill your request. The errors were:
> Error Type
>     NameError
> Error Value
>     global name 'state' is not defined
> Request made at
>     2006/02/16 10:13:37.765 US/Eastern
> ////
> Any idea what might be causing this?
> http://plone-book.agmweb.ca/Chapters/6/
> Thanks,
> Dave
Hi David,

I've been working through the Plone book as well, one thing that may 
help you, and also help others help you, is to look at the Error Log on 
the Plone site setup, this will give you a more detailed traceback.

But to be more helpful, are you adding the validEmail, sendEmail, and 
feedbackForm in your Plone/portal_skins/custom/ folder within the ZMI?

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