[Setup] UnicodeDecodeError in events

Lauri Virtanen lauri.virtanen at sll.fi
Tue Feb 14 11:17:08 UTC 2006

Update: still trying to find a fix for UnicodeDecodeError in events 

In one of my Plone-2.1.2 test systems I have two sites: 
1) "oldsite" originating to Plone v0.X beta, migrated several times, 
   converted from 2.0.5 ISO-8859-1 to 2.1.2 UTF-8. 
2) "newsite" that is added in 2.1.2 

Everything else seems fine except events: 

In "newsite":
  I can read an old event
  I can edit an old event
  I can add a new event
  I can copy a the new event to "oldsite"

In "oldsite": 
  I can read an old event
  I can not edit an old event -> UnicodeDecodeError
  I can not add any new events -> UnicodeDecodeError
  I can read an event copied from "newsite" but I can not edit it

I tried to scan through every option in ZMI:s comparing "oldsite" and 
"newsite" and couldn't find any differencies. 

Tried also these: 
  deleted all events from migrated "oldsite"
  deleted old ones and copied portal_types "CMF Event" and "Event (Event)" 
   from "newsite" to "oldsite"

events_log says: 
  File "TAL/TALInterpreter.py", line 214, in interpretWithStream
  File "TAL/TALInterpreter.py", line 234, in interpret
    handlers[opcode](self, args)
  File "TAL/TALInterpreter.py", line 484, in do_insertText_tal
    text = self.engine.evaluateText(stuff[0])
  File "Products/PageTemplates/TALES.py", line 227, in evaluateText
    text = self.evaluate(expr)
  File "Products/PageTemplates/TALES.py", line 221, in evaluate
    return expression(self)
  File "Products/PageTemplates/ZRPythonExpr.py", line 47, in __call__
    return eval(code, g, {})
  File "Python expression "here.translate(vocab.getMsgId(item), \
  default=vocab.getValue(item))"", line 1, in <expression> File
  "oldsite/Products/CMFCore/FSPythonScript.py", line 108, in __call__
    return Script.__call__(self, *args, **kw)
  File "Shared/DC/Scripts/Bindings.py", line 306, in __call__
    return self._bindAndExec(args, kw, None)
  File "Shared/DC/Scripts/Bindings.py", line 343, in _bindAndExec
    return self._exec(bound_data, args, kw)
  File "oldsite/Products/CMFCore/FSPythonScript.py", line 163, in _exec
    result = f(*args, **kw)
  File "Script (Python)", line 21, in translate File
  "oldsite/Products/CMFPlone/TranslationServiceTool.py", line 44, in
    m = unicode(str(m), input_encoding, errors)
UnicodeDecodeError: 'utf8' codec can't decode bytes in position 1-3:
invalid data


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