[Setup] Reaching the search box in Plone 2.1.2

Robert HERZOG rherzog at aamodels.be
Sun Feb 12 10:12:07 UTC 2006

I have migrated my sites from plone 2.1 to plone 2.1.2 on Linux (SuSE 
9.3). I have a "logo" that uses up 1024 pixels in the top area. The 
search box appears on top of it, but text entry is not possible, as the 
whole of the logo area appears to act as an anchor. If I enlarge the 
browser wide enough, the part of the search box not covering the logo is 
active for text entry. This was not an issue in Plone 2.1. Simplest way 
out would be to disable the logo as an active anchor for the site (not 
very useful in my case at least). I could not yet find info about how to 
solve this. Thanks for any clue.

Robert Herzog
Elewijtsesteenweg 190
B-1980 Eppegem BELGIUM
T.+32 15 621004 F.+32 15 627030

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