[Setup] Re: migrating a site with default encoding other than utf-8

Lauri Virtanen lauri.virtanen at sll.fi
Fri Feb 10 10:01:35 UTC 2006

On Thu, 09 Feb 2006 13:49:39 -0700, Steve Rauch wrote:
> Lauri Virtanen wrote:
>> In evens_log: 
>> AttributeError: CMFCollector
> Go to the ZMI/portal_types and see if you have types that you are sure came from 
> those Products you removed. I think you can just remove them.

I removed obsolete portal_types (PloneChat and Collector-related) 
and got rid of the first three error messages in event_log. 

The other errors with TALInterpreter.py and TranslationServiceTool.py
UnicodeDecodeError remains.

Hannosch wrote in plone-cvs 20 Nov 2005: 
> Added convertToUTF8 script to convert a non-utf-8 site into a utf8 site.
> This needs a lot more testing ;)

I wonder if Hannosh or anyone else is working on this? 
I promise to keep on testing ;) 


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