[Setup] Re: Unauthorized error after upgrade Plone 2.0.3 to 2.1.2 [solved]

Dr.Ammon at krankenhaus-kempen.de Dr.Ammon at krankenhaus-kempen.de
Thu Feb 9 11:45:31 UTC 2006

Thank you, Nick,

I think you are absolutely right, that the problem was prior to the code
cited in the traceback:

I had done the migration as "emergency user", which is not the best idea as
I read in http://plone.org/documentation/migration/2.1/index_html. I tried
the same thing as "manager" and everything works fine.

To prevent other people from making the same mistake, I suggest to leave a
note in portal_migration/manage_migrate that advices against doing the
migration as emergency user.

Thank you, guys, you are doing a great work.


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