[Setup] Re: providing access of Plone site, to both internet and intranet people!

ramy ramy at effigent.net
Thu Feb 9 05:14:54 UTC 2006

Thanks for your quick knock :-)

I would like to give u a clear cut detail now.

let's say my plone site can be accessed from both Intranet and internet.

	eg: Intranet)
	      http://effig.org/Effigent(for Internet)

In the Effigent portal, now i want to add  a web/hyper link that  
points to some application, so that people in Intranet and Internet  
can access it.
Here if i give the link address as 
application/(Local I.P. address)

People in  Internet can't access the link, as it points to a local  
i.p. address.

And If i give the link address as 
application(External I.P. address)

People in Intranet can't access the link, as people are restricted to  
intranet and the link it points to an External I.P. address.

What should be the way?

							with rgds,

On 09-Feb-06, at 9:34 AM, Alexander Limi wrote:

> On Wed, 08 Feb 2006 18:42:58 -0800, ramy <ramy-tCCgXlWlZ/ 
> bk1uMJSBkQmQ at public.gmane.org> wrote:
>> Hi samaritans,
>> 			Plone is running sucessfully in our organisation.
>> 			The problem we are facing is providing access to both Internet  
>> and Intranet people.
>> 			People who are in intranet, doesn't have aceess to internet.
>> 			So if both the people have to use/access the same Plone site,  
>> Is it possible?
> Sure, but it's not a Plone issue, it's a network setup issue.
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