[Setup] Re: CMFOODocument

Nick Davis nd51 at le.ac.uk
Tue Feb 7 15:31:08 UTC 2006

> base_edit.pt is a template within Archetypes that is used to edit 
> archetypes-based content.
> Your system is saying it can't find it.

Actually, I may be talking %^&&* here in that maybe rather than not 
finding it, its finding it but passing the wrong arguments or expecting 
an older version or something.

So if there IS a base_edit.pt, its possible that :

a) thats an old customised version of base_edit.pt, that shouldn't be 
floating around anymore

or :

CMFOODocument is EXPECTING the behaviour of a 2.0.x base_edit.pt, and 
cannot cope with the new 2.1 base_edit.pt, which would mean 
CMFOODocument needs fixing to work with 2.1.

OK so now I'm going to go away and read up on the exact difference 
between AttributeError and KeyError so I don't give any bad advice.

Or a kind guru is very welcome to post the answer to that here..



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