[Setup] Re: Is it OK to have Members folder type ATFolder not ATBTreeFolder in Plone 2.1.2?

Mats Lidell matsl at contactor.se
Thu Feb 2 00:40:32 UTC 2006

>>>>> Nick wrote:

Nick> In the original Plone 2.0.5/Zope 2.7.x instance, create a new
Nick> Plone site , called , say ,'secondsite'.  The Members folder in
Nick> secondsite should automatically be a Large Plone Folder. Now
Nick> copy all your individual Members folders from the original site
Nick> to secondsite's Members folder. (through te ZMI)

I tried the plan and up to here things looks good. On the new site the
Members were in a Large Plone Folder and they could be copied from the
other site.

Nick> Then delete Members out of the original site, and copy entire
Nick> Members folder from secondsite to your original site.

Unfortunately this didn't work right out of the box. "Cannot paste
subobject type 'Large Plone Folder'." But ...

... copying in the 'Large Plone Folder' type from the 'secondsite'
plus allowing the 'Plone Site' type to contain 'Large Plone Folders'
did the trick.

I haven't gone through all the other steps in performing the
migration. I just jumped directly to portal_migration. It succeeded
and now I have an ATBTreeFolder for Members. So it looks very
promising. (Shouldn't portal_migration be enough now when the Members
folder is in place or do I need to do the portal_atct stuff also?)

%% Mats

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