[Setup] Install error: Executing the command 'setupSite.py' failed

Chris Shirer cshirer at imediadev.com
Sun Feb 12 15:53:26 UTC 2006

I'm on Windows XP, all updates to the OS installed, and get the following message when installing Plone (v. 2.1.2, build 3938):

'Executing the command 'setupSite.py' failed.  Index error:  String index out of range.'  
Despite the installation error message, I can then open and log into Plone and the Zope Management Interface, BUT, receive the same 'string index' error when trying to set up the foundation of a new 'plone site'.  The sequence goes:

-- Choose 'plone site' from the 'Add' drop-down.
-- Receive the naming screen in which there are options for 'ID', 'Title' and 'Description'.  ('Membership Source' is not appearing.)
-- I enter ASCII text only names for ID and Title and receive the following error:

Site Error
An error was encountered while publishing this resource. 

Error Type: IndexError
Error Value: string index out of range

Visiting the Exception Traceback log shows this:

Request URL http://localhost:8080/manage_addProduct/CMFPlone/manage_addSite 
Exception Type IndexError 
Exception Value string index out of range 

Traceback (innermost last): 

Module Products.CMFQuickInstallerTool.QuickInstallerTool, line 320, in installProduct
__traceback_info__: ('MimetypesRegistry',) 
Module Products.ExternalMethod.ExternalMethod, line 225, in __call__
__traceback_info__: ((<PloneSite instance at 03300530>,), {}, None) 
Module C:\Program Files\Plone 2\Data\Products\MimetypesRegistry\Extensions\Install.py, line 24, in install 
Module Products.CMFCore.utils, line 627, in manage_addTool 
Module Products.MimetypesRegistry.MimeTypesRegistry, line 99, in __init__ 
Module Products.MimetypesRegistry.mime_types, line 13, in initialize 
Module Products.MimetypesRegistry.mime_types.py_mimetypes, line 44, in initialize 
IndexError: string index out of range 

Is there something I can do to get the installation to recognize and execute the 'setupSite.py' command, or, install it in a particular place 'by hand'?

Thanks for any assistance!


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