[Setup] Re: Clean FC5/Plone Installation: Python Error

Larry Pitcher pitcherl at bakerboyer.com
Fri Aug 18 15:57:19 UTC 2006


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> This install was done using the Plone2.5-UnifiedInstaller on 
> a pristine FC5 box, using the UI readme instructions to a tee.
> However, get this: I tried another approach on an alternate 
> clean FC5 box and installed plone-2.5.1.fc5.i386 from the FC 
> "Add/Remove Software" GUI. It also installed 
> zope-2.9.3-4.fc5.i386 as a dependency. The version of python 
> running is 2.4.


I think most of us install from source, so I'm not sure about these other
installation methods. There is a good how-to here:

It will guide you through the process and you'll have an installation that
Just Works. I doesn't take too long, and it will help you understand a
little more of what's going on behind the scenes. Also take a look at this
how-to to learn more about ZEO:

I don't think the how-tos were written with the latest versions in mind, but
that's not too complicated to figure out if you read the README.TXT or so...


Larry Pitcher

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