[Setup] [UPDATE -- partially solved] Re: error upgrading from 2.1.2 to 2.5

David Hostetler hoss at negativesum.net
Thu Aug 31 02:24:04 UTC 2006

I just received the following email, which boils down to this:

- deleting acl_users allows the migration from 2.1.3 to 2.5 to succeed.

Please read below for details.

Darryl Dixon wrote:
 > Hi David,
 > cc list - note I am not subscribed.
 >    I found the thread on the Plone mailing list where you are having
 > difficulty upgrading a Python 2.3.5/Plone 2.1.2/Zope 2.8.7 instance to
 > Python 2.4.3/Plone 2.5/Zope 2.9.4.  I was in exactly the same situation,
 > and
 > have had exactly the same error and problem as you and have just overcome
 > it, so I thought I would send you a quick mail detailing my experience.
 > I did the migration from Plone/Zope wholesale (eg, I set up the new
 > versions
 > of Python, Zope, and Plone all at once, then went in to the ZMI to 
 > the upgrade). The first thing that stopped me was some Products that
 > integrated into the site-packages area of the old version of Python,
 > such as
 > TextIndexNG2, and they therefore needed reinstalling on the 
filesystem, but
 > having solved that, I attempted the migration again, and ran into the 
 > error that you are getting.
 > I noticed that in the portal_quickinstaller that PlonePAS was not
 > installed,
 > and when I tried to install it, the exact same error was generated 
(same as
 > the error during migration).  We had been using the LDAPUserFolder 
 > with our old Plone setup, so on a hunch I removed the LDAP source from my
 > acl_users object.  No dice, still the same error.  So, on a further
 > hunch, I
 > simply deleted the acl_users object from the root of my Plone site, then
 > tried installing PlonePAS again. Imagine my surprise to find that 
 > promptly installed without error, and a new acl_users object was created
 > (presumably the new PlonePAS version of this object).  Straight after
 > this I
 > ran the migration again and all was successful.
 > My notes on this are that:
 > 1) I probably shouldn't have had to delete acl_users?
 > 2) Luckily most of our user configurations were in LDAP, so they will 
 > back once I reconfigure the connection with PlonePAS to talk to the LDAP
 > server, but things like the group mappings (Plone -> LDAP groups) etc 
 > need re-doing and are non-trivial.
 > I hope that this helps,
 > Darryl Dixon
 > http://www.winterhouseconsulting.com

I immediately duplicated Darryl's findings.  Deleteing acl_users allowed 
PlonePAS to be quickinstalled, which then allowed the 2.1.3. to 2.5 
migration to succeed via plone_migration.

Two things immediately jump out about this solution (basically the same 
two things that Darryl concluded):

1) why is it necessary?  Unless I'm mistaken, a stock 2.1.3 install 
doesn't have PlonePas, so why would it be necessary to manually install 
it prior to attempting to upgrade?  And if its installation is 
incompatible with the default user/group mechanism for 2.1.3, how is it 
that a bunch of people aren't running into this?  I hadn't done anything 
fancy to my users/groups, other than to create some.

2) this is less than ideal, for obvious reasons.  Unlike Darryl, who is 
using LDAP, I was actually relying on acl_user's GRUF features to manage 
my users and groups.  By deleting acl_users, I lost all of that, and am 
forced to recreate it in the new PlonePAS, post-migration.  And if users 
had customized their passwords/profiles/etc.., that's gone for good.



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