[Setup] ZMI/Plone Connection Issue: Browser Lockout

smoove_e smoove_e at hotmail.com
Wed Aug 30 15:56:38 UTC 2006

Hi All,


I installed Plone a couple of weeks ago and everything has worked very well
up to today.

Now I cannot connect either to ZMI or Plone instance via both Firefox and/or
IE from any server/client/location.

Nothing has changed configuration-wise (to the best of my knowledge) since
it was working yesterday. 


Error: "The connection was reset while the page was loading"


I receive the same error even when trying the following workarounds:


- Reset cache and cookie files on browsers

- Tried using with and without Apache

- Tried migrating Data.fs to different box

- I've tried logon from localhost, direct IP and the VirtualHost route


Also, and most unfortunately, when I revert to the safe, clean, original
Data.fs file (and supporting files), I still receive the same error.


Any insight / ideas out there would be greatly appreciated!





Versions: Linux (FC5); Zope 2.9.3; Python 2.4.3; Plone 2.5

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