[Setup] Re: error upgrading from 2.1.2 to 2.5

David Hostetler hoss at negativesum.net
Fri Aug 25 14:29:03 UTC 2006

I haven't knowingly made any customizations to member property types. 
This is my first experience with Plone, so I've been very cautious about 
making internal changes.  As I said in my original post, I only have 
some skin/template customizations, and a handful of 3rd party products. 
  I don't know if any of those products altered member property types.

Given the 'PlonePAS' presence in the error trace, I have been looking 
through these postings for mention of PlonePAS related problems.  I 
notice that this is a big piece of the 2.5 change -- the conversion from 
GRUF to PlonePAS.

I do have a few user groups defined.


Raphael Ritz wrote:
> David Hostetler schrieb:
> [..]
>>> line 172, in setMemberProperties sheet.setProperty(user, k, v)
>>>     * File "/var/lib/zope/zope-apache287/Products/PlonePAS/sheet.py", 
>>> line 97, in setProperty provider.setPropertiesForUser(user, self)
>>>     * File 
>>> "/var/lib/zope/zope-apache287/Products/PlonePAS/plugins/property.py", 
>>> line 174, in setPropertiesForUser if (name in properties and not
>>>     * File "/var/lib/zope/zope-apache287/Products/PlonePAS/sheet.py", 
>>> line 58, in validate inspector = self.tmap[property_type]
> Any chance you might have custom/atypical member property types???
> Raphael

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