[Setup] Re: 2.0.4->2.1.3 PloneCollector Breaks Dry Run

Alex Mandel tech_dev at wildintellect.com
Mon Aug 21 21:00:28 UTC 2006

Nick Davis wrote:
> Alex Mandel wrote:
>> Nick Davis wrote:
>> I didn't think that Plone would consider 1.2.8 there until I used the 
>> quickinstaller. Maybe your right though and it doesn't hurt to try.
> It depends what you mean by "consider 1.2.8 there" . ;-)  If a file 
> containing python code changed in 1.2.8, then you've got the the latest 
> version of code when you start up zope. However, sometimes its necessary 
> to uninstall and reinstall products depending on how they're written, 
> like for example if reinstalling added something to the plone skins. So 
> a matter of luck here.
Since new features of plone don't show up until you upgrade them when 
dropping a new version in, I assumed that the script was saved in some 
sort of buffer in the ZODB or something.
But, no you are quite correct. Having the newer python simply in when 
Zope starts works.
Previous attempts to upgrade failed on other Products that required an 
actual upgrade in Plone 1st, or so I though, but this could be because 
they affect content more directly and are part of the CMF upgrade scripts.

Regardless it works now, thanks. -Alex

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