[Setup] Re: Can't Get Products To Show Up!

Alex Mandel tech_dev at wildintellect.com
Mon Aug 21 18:23:19 UTC 2006

René Pijlman wrote:
> beno wrote:
>>> $ln -s /path_to_products/ /path_to_zope_instance/Prodcuts/
That's my typo (Alex not beno)
My syntax on the linking is quite wrong, sorry about that
$ln -s /zope2.8.x/Products /zope_instance/Products

Those slashes on the end wouldn't work, also since your Products folder 
already exists you may need to use -f, or remove the Products folder 
from your instance before you start
> There's your problem.
>>> Do the files show up in the Products folder of your instance on the
>>> filesystem?
>>   No
> Then there's definitely something wrong with the symlinks or directories.
I agree, after you make the links, go to the Products directory and do a 
$ls -l add a >Products.txt to throw the info to a text file or cut and 
paste what you get.

Are all the files for each product being linked.
For example
$cd /~your_zopeinstance~/Products/Archetypes
does this list out files or is it empty?
If you can't cd into the directory, it's missing or the files are 
missing than the linking didn't go right so maybe check out
$man ln
I'm no expert in how to link directories

>> 2006-08-21T12:52:09 PROBLEM(100) ZODB Could not import class 
>> 'ZopeProfiler' from module 'Products.ZopeProfiler.ZopeProfiler'
> Fix any product import problems first.
>> Yes, my softlinks are good. I checked.
> Say again?
Other than that make sure the effective user has permission to execute 
all the files.

I also concur with Nick, Start with plone 2.1.3


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