[Setup] Re: Can't Get Products To Show Up!

beno zope at 2012.vi
Mon Aug 21 13:20:58 UTC 2006

Alex Mandel wrote:
> I see what your doing now, multiple zope instances with a common
> products directory.
> What command did you do to make the links, I'm not familiar with FreeBSD
> but I assume it's similar in that you do:
> $ln -s /path_to_products/ /path_to_zope_instance/Prodcuts/
> Do the files show up in the Products folder of your instance on the
> filesystem?
> Are you running the instance with runzope or zopectl.
> For the first time after you make the symlink, use the runzope so that
> you get terminal output of all the products loading and messages about
> potential errors.
k. Got this:

server167# ./runzope
2006-08-21T12:52:03 INFO(0) ZServer HTTP server started at Mon Aug 21 
12:52:03 2006
        Hostname: localhost.web.vi
        Port: 7080
2006-08-21T12:52:03 INFO(0) ZServer FTP server started at Mon Aug 21 
12:52:03 2006
        Hostname: server167.web.vi
        Port: 7021
2006-08-21T12:52:03 INFO(0) Zope Set effective user to "tick"
2006-08-21T12:52:06 INFO(0) ZSyncer have CMF, will set up ZSyncerTool
2006-08-21T12:52:09 PROBLEM(100) ZODB Could not import class 
'ZopeProfiler' from module 'Products.ZopeProfiler.ZopeProfiler'
2006-08-21T12:52:09 INFO(0) ZODB Opening database for mounting: 
2006-08-21T12:52:09 INFO(0) ZODB Mounted database 
'144427968_1033093270.355891' at /temp_folder
2006-08-21T12:52:10 INFO(0) Zope Ready to handle requests

> Note you have to manually kill the process after this and restart with
> zopectl when you're sure it's working.
Retarted with zopectl, no prods still!
Yes, my softlinks are good. I checked.

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