[Setup] Re: Can't Get Products To Show Up!

Nick Davis nd51 at le.ac.uk
Mon Aug 21 09:50:32 UTC 2006

> beno wrote:
>> The products don't show up in the "Products" folder, even though I 
>> unpacked Plone there *and* added softlinks from the dirs in 
>> Plone-2.0.5 to the "Products" dir. So what gives?
> There's probably something wrong with your 'softlinks' or with the 
> directories they point to.

   Alex and Rene gave good advice.

But also, please do NOT use 2.0.5. You will give yourself a big headache 
if you do.

2.1.3 is a lot better.

Or you could use 2.5. In my personal opinion 2.5 is not production-ready 
yet, but if you're still doing development, you could use 2.5 and by the 
time you're ready to go live it'll be more mature, and more 3rd-party 
products will work with it.

   If you use 2.0.5 you will experience a painful migration to 2.1.
If you use 2.1.3, the migration to 2.5 is not bad at all.


Nick Davis
Web Application Developer
University of Leicester

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