[Setup] Re: Can't Get Products To Show Up!

Alex Mandel tech_dev at wildintellect.com
Sat Aug 19 21:40:51 UTC 2006

beno wrote:
> Alex Mandel wrote:
>> There shouldn't be a need to add "softlinks".
> Yes, there appears to be this need:
> http://plone.org/documentation/faq/cmfplone-not-in-list
> I have multiple instances of Zope 2.7.8
>> 1st did you restart the zope server after adding the products?
> Yes
>> 2nd open the Zope Management Interface, not the Plone one 
> I didn't even know there was a Plone mgmt interface! Yes, I opened the
> Zope one. There were no new products.
>> A very important thing here is that if you go with 2.0.5 you need to use
>> older versions of products. Note Zope 2.7.8 does work fine with Plone
>> 2.1.3 I'm running that right now.
> Well, that's what I'd like to run, then, of course. I started with the
> latest distro and had the same problems.
>> In your reply can you mention What OS are you on?
> FreeBSD 6.1
> Thanks,
> beno
I see what your doing now, multiple zope instances with a common
products directory.
What command did you do to make the links, I'm not familiar with FreeBSD
but I assume it's similar in that you do:
$ln -s /path_to_products/ /path_to_zope_instance/Prodcuts/
Do the files show up in the Products folder of your instance on the

Are you running the instance with runzope or zopectl.
For the first time after you make the symlink, use the runzope so that
you get terminal output of all the products loading and messages about
potential errors.
Note you have to manually kill the process after this and restart with
zopectl when you're sure it's working.

Worst case scenario, drop a copy of the plone files directly into your
instance and see if they come up. Also check the ownership and
permissions on those linked files, make sure they are not owned by root
when you're running zope as another user(which you should be).


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