[Setup] Re: Can't Get Products To Show Up!

beno zope at 2012.vi
Sat Aug 19 20:39:23 UTC 2006

Alex Mandel wrote:
> There shouldn't be a need to add "softlinks".
Yes, there appears to be this need:
I have multiple instances of Zope 2.7.8
> 1st did you restart the zope server after adding the products?
> 2nd open the Zope Management Interface, not the Plone one 
I didn't even know there was a Plone mgmt interface! Yes, I opened the 
Zope one. There were no new products.
> A very important thing here is that if you go with 2.0.5 you need to use
> older versions of products. Note Zope 2.7.8 does work fine with Plone
> 2.1.3 I'm running that right now.
Well, that's what I'd like to run, then, of course. I started with the 
latest distro and had the same problems.
> In your reply can you mention What OS are you on?
FreeBSD 6.1

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