[Setup] Re: 2.0.4->2.1.3 PloneCollector Breaks Dry Run

Alex Mandel tech_dev at wildintellect.com
Sat Aug 19 02:39:35 UTC 2006

Nick Davis wrote:
> Alex Mandel wrote:
>> I think PloneCollectorNG is what's causing the error based on the 
>> traceback below. Here's the deal though, I've got ver 1.2.7 installed 
>> since that's the last version that works with 2.0.x (confirmed by 
>> trial and error) but I think 2.1.x requires 1.2.8+, So a little 
>> classic chicken and egg problem.
> Alex,
>    Why is that chicken & egg?
> In theory, shouldn't you be able to put PloneCollectorNG 1.2.8 in your 
> new Plone 2.1 products directory, then when you try to migrate to Plone 
> 2.1 it will have PloneCollectorNG 1.2.8?
> If you're trying to migrate to Plone 2.1, with PloneCollectorNG 1.2.7 in 
> the Products dir, then I wouldn't expect that to work..
> Or maybe I misunderstood you here..........
I didn't think that Plone would consider 1.2.8 there until I used the 
quickinstaller. Maybe your right though and it doesn't hurt to try.
>> Can someone confirm my that it is PloneCollector based on this log:
>> Plone Migration Tool Plone Migration Tool at  /www/portal_migration
> If it proves hard to confirm that just from your log, had you thought of 
>  simply on a test copy of your data, deleting PloneCollectorNG from 
> products (+ probably need to delete any related content first, although 
> with some luck migration should just ignore content from a 
> no-longer-installed product), and try to migrate? If it then works (or 
> breaks somewhere else  ;-(  ) at least you know PloneCollectorNG was the 
> problem.
I can try that too, although I was under the impression that orphaned 
objects could kill a migration and would need to be removed by hand.
Maybe I can export my Collector Folder to .zexp, remove PloneCollectorNG.
Install Newer PloneCollectorNG and import the folder into the upgraded site.
> In such sticky migration situations, using a debugger really helps. You 
> can patch stuff to make it work here because it only has to work once...
What debugger, I'm all ears... I thought using runzope was in debug 
mode, but the terminal didn't spit out anything useful.
Could you point me to good option on Ubuntu(debian based).

> Regards
> Nick
I'll see if any ideas up here work and let you know how it goes.
Thanks - Alex

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