[Setup] Re: Clean FC5/Plone Installation: Python Error

smoove_e smoove_e at hotmail.com
Fri Aug 18 14:23:23 UTC 2006

This install was done using the Plone2.5-UnifiedInstaller on a pristine FC5
box, using the UI readme instructions to a tee.

However, get this: I tried another approach on an alternate clean FC5 box
and installed plone-2.5.1.fc5.i386 from the FC "Add/Remove Software" GUI. It
also installed zope-2.9.3-4.fc5.i386 as a dependency. The version of python
running is 2.4.

This worked (?) and I was able to get the Zope welcome page @ :8080. I then
manually setup the admin user and was then able to access the Zope control
panel, added a Plone site, and then could access via localhost:8080/plone.

So - although I do have Plone running now, I'd like to know:

1. Should this plone/zope/python combo be effective moving forward? I.e. can
I assume that since I can get into Plone, that I should now be able to serve
under Apache with VirtualHosts and eventually use this as a multi-user
Production environment?

Side Questions:

2. Was python installed as a dependency for plone/zope, or was this (v2.4)
installed with the core FC5 install?

3. What am I missing in terms of stability/functionality by not having the
UnifiedInstaller version that set things up under Zeo clients?


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smoove_e wrote:
> Hi,
> I attempted 2 fresh server installs (following install instructions to
> the letter) on FC5 with the same result-- all is good until ZEOserver is
> started, which results in a Python error "ImportError: No module named
> ImplPython" These are clean boxes, with O/S only, so no conflicting
> configurations.
> Any ideas on what needs to change here?
> Thanks!
> -wendi

Basically you need to use python 2.4, based on your output though it
looks like you have 2.4. So I guess the next question is did you install
zope from source, and which version are you using?
Did you install python from source and which version are you using?

Maybe we can find a clue here.

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