[Setup] Re: 2.0.4->2.1.3 PloneCollector Breaks Dry Run

Nick Davis nd51 at le.ac.uk
Fri Aug 18 08:27:36 UTC 2006

Alex Mandel wrote:
> I think PloneCollectorNG is what's causing the error based on the 
> traceback below. Here's the deal though, I've got ver 1.2.7 installed 
> since that's the last version that works with 2.0.x (confirmed by trial 
> and error) but I think 2.1.x requires 1.2.8+, So a little classic 
> chicken and egg problem.
    Why is that chicken & egg?

In theory, shouldn't you be able to put PloneCollectorNG 1.2.8 in your 
new Plone 2.1 products directory, then when you try to migrate to Plone 
2.1 it will have PloneCollectorNG 1.2.8?

If you're trying to migrate to Plone 2.1, with PloneCollectorNG 1.2.7 in 
the Products dir, then I wouldn't expect that to work..

Or maybe I misunderstood you here..........

> Can someone confirm my that it is PloneCollector based on this log:
> Plone Migration Tool Plone Migration Tool at  /www/portal_migration

If it proves hard to confirm that just from your log, had you thought of 
  simply on a test copy of your data, deleting PloneCollectorNG from 
products (+ probably need to delete any related content first, although 
with some luck migration should just ignore content from a 
no-longer-installed product), and try to migrate? If it then works (or 
breaks somewhere else  ;-(  ) at least you know PloneCollectorNG was the 

In such sticky migration situations, using a debugger really helps. You 
can patch stuff to make it work here because it only has to work once...


Nick Davis
Web Application Developer
University of Leicester

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