[Setup] Re: I am now unable to use my preferred structured text to create email links, hyper links and content etc etc

Des Dougan des at DouganConsulting.com
Fri Aug 18 04:55:30 UTC 2006

On Thu, 2006-08-17 at 19:37 +0100, Martin Aspeli wrote:
> Chuck Amadi Systems Administrator wrote:
> > Hi 
> > 
> > Not much help very low volume list.
> Try plone-users, this is not really a setup question.
> > Well I am quite disappointed I have add test page after adding Re
> > Structured Text page.
> > and had a play but required STX within the ZMI.
> > 
> > Thus I have to resort to html and this will take me even longer thus
> > migrating from 2.6.4 has been an experience.
> The reason that you get no help is most likely that people don't 
> understand what you're asking. You're not really giving us enough 
> context (which is probably due to your partial understanding of the 
> problem) to understand what to suggest. You need to be much more 
> specific about what you're doing (down to "I went to this URL and 
> clicked this link, and this is what I see", if necessary) and what 
> you're trying to achieve.
> Martin

According to the "Welcome to Plone" page (the home page on a new site):

"If you prefer working with pure HTML, Structured Text or ReStructured
Text markup instead of using a visual editor, you can disable it in your

So, it would appear that if you disable Kupu, you can get what you want.


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