[Setup] Re: I am now unable to use my preferred structured text to create email links, hyper links and content etc etc

Martin Aspeli optilude at gmx.net
Thu Aug 17 18:37:39 UTC 2006

Chuck Amadi Systems Administrator wrote:
> Hi 
> Not much help very low volume list.

Try plone-users, this is not really a setup question.

> Well I am quite disappointed I have add test page after adding Re
> Structured Text page.
> and had a play but required STX within the ZMI.
> Thus I have to resort to html and this will take me even longer thus
> migrating from 2.6.4 has been an experience.

The reason that you get no help is most likely that people don't 
understand what you're asking. You're not really giving us enough 
context (which is probably due to your partial understanding of the 
problem) to understand what to suggest. You need to be much more 
specific about what you're doing (down to "I went to this URL and 
clicked this link, and this is what I see", if necessary) and what 
you're trying to achieve.


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