[Setup] Re: Problems

Nick Davis nd51 at le.ac.uk
Wed Aug 16 11:21:00 UTC 2006

René Pijlman wrote:

> I think the FAQ on http://plone.org/documentation/faq/upgrade-plone is a 
> bit too brief.
> There should be a generic upgrade instruction that also explains:
> 1. How to check for what depencencies
> 2. In what order to upgrade Python, Zope, CMF, Plone, products
> 3. Also migrate archetypes content
> 4. What to do with customizations
> ... and perhaps more.
> I'll see if I can improve this documentation and/or discuss it on the 
> plone-docs list. Thanks for your feedback.

   Some of what you describe is already in : 

(A certain amount of that doc equally applies to upgrading to 2.5).

Perhaps this doc and the upgrade-plone doc should be merged?


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