[Setup] Re: Can't Start Plone 2.5

Kamal Gill ksgill at mac.com
Tue Aug 15 17:01:36 UTC 2006

On Aug 14, 2006, at 3:56 PM, Mark Phillips wrote:

> KE Liew wrote:
>> Make sure you don't have any conflicting Python versions, and only  
>> use
>> the recommended version.
> Python was not installed on my machine, nor any zope or other related
> applications before I tried to install plone.
> I downloaded the full Linux bundle that included python, zope, and  
> plone. I
> assumed (perhaps wrongly??) that since it was a bundled download,  
> that all
> the dependencies had been worked out within the bundle.

The bundle includes the dependencies required to build Python/Zope/ 
Plone from source. However, as the installer is compiling everything  
from source, you will need gcc, g++, and make in order to  
successfully install Plone with the Unified Installer, which includes  
a single shell script (install.sh) that combines the steps you would  
take to compile everything from source.

> In order to remove 2.5, do I just delete the directory /opt/Plone2.5?

Correct--one reason why I configured the installer to build  
everything in a self-contained folder.


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