[Setup] Problems

Mark Constable mark at ultralab.net
Tue Aug 15 08:42:51 UTC 2006

René Pijlman <rene at lab.applinet.nl> writes:
>> I've recently gone through this migrating from version 2.1 to 2.5 and
>> a real hard time.
>Just curious, what in particular made it a hard time? You seem to 
>describe the regular upgrade procedure.

Sorry I wasn't very clear, I'm still right in the middle of migrating my
site and custom permissions are my latest challenge.

This is my first migration and due to the high number of products and
their dependencies (and the fact that some do not seem to work yet in 2.5)
I had lots of failed attempts, sometimes i could not even get to the
portal_migration tool. I had to clear out the files associated with the
deprecated products before i could migrate successfully. 

Most of this is probably due to my inexperience, plenty of lessons learned
for next time though.

Does anybody know of a tool which will highlight product upgrades and

M :O)

Mark Constable
Ultralab | Anglia Ruskin University

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