[Setup] Re: Plone 2.5.0 Zope 2.9-5739 Install on Win XP fails - pywintypes24.dll error

Kelly Campbell campbell at iticentral.com
Fri Aug 11 14:04:27 UTC 2006

Ben Pennington <pennington.ben at ...> writes:

> I'm also having the same problem. I've got WinXP, I don't have AIM, I've never
> had an installation of Plone on this machine. I get pywintypes24.dll error and
> Plone refuses to start.

I was having a similar problem.  I did a search of my machine and found an older
copy of pywintypes24.dll in my C:\Windows\System32 directory.  I deleted this
file, uninstalled the failed Plone installation, and did a fresh install.  Plone
is now up and running.

Hope this helps.

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