[Setup] Members area search with LDAPUserFolder + GRUF

Justin Walker jwalker at digitalpictures.com.au
Fri Aug 11 06:18:24 UTC 2006

Hey guys,


            Perhaps I'm missing something here, I can't seem to find
anyone out there with the same problem. Basically, latest Plone install,
Linux Suse 10 - everything is sweet and running ok, got AD auth
happening, several products installed. However I've not been able to get
the members search working with LDAP yet. I get an area from this bit of
the template code with an AttributeError plugins. I've tried a few
different configs, I have a pluggable auth service in my GRUF but still
no luck. I managed to get the user search working for GrufSpaces after
hacking up the code a bit. Anyway... tell me what I've buggered up or if
this just doesn't work.


            Also - is It possible to get user folders created on first
login? I've got text indexing setup of documents so that users can save
directly to mapped webdav folders.





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