[Setup] Re: Help with migration

Nick Davis nd51 at le.ac.uk
Wed Aug 9 10:08:48 UTC 2006

Siddharth Sethi wrote:
> Hi, I am new to plone and was wondering if there is a way to migrate 
> files and folders from docushare 2.2 to plone 2.5. Any help would be great.
Welcome. You'd have to write your own migration script in python, to 
extract the data from Docushare and generate Plone content from it. This 
is not an easy job for someone new to Plone, but is in theory possible. 
I recommend you read a load of HOWTOs & tutorials on plone.org and get a 
copy of "Plone Live" or "Definitive Guide to Plone" etc. Its a learning 
curve (though well worth the effort)

> Also, on a side note - Does any one know how to remove the related items 
> section when adding/editing new content.
You can switch it off entirely by going to ZMI (Zope interface), root of 
your plone site, properties tab and delete the line out of left_slots 
that has portlet_related in it.

As for switching it off only when adding/editing but leaving on while 
viewing, that seems more complicated and do you really need to do that?

Hope that helps,

Nick Davis
Web Application Developer
University of Leicester

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