[Setup] AD/LDAP w/ Plone 2.5 can't login

Thomas Doxtater tdd at adci.ws
Tue Aug 8 21:28:09 UTC 2006

Hi All,

I just installed Plone 2.5 and LDAPUserFolder (with all its
requirements) and everything seemed fine (once I put the right LDAP path
in anyway). I'm have Plone set to auth against my Windows 2003 AD.

The problem is that now I can't log in when I try to go to my Plone
site. If I click the login link I get a message telling me that I need
to log in to be able to access that part of the site, which is what I'm
trying to do.

Also, from the ZMI if I view the Plone site I get logged in as the
admin, which is good, but when I try to access the groups page, I get an
AttributeError in Plugins. (Let me know and I can send the error text.)
I get the same kind of error if I try to create a new user, or even pull
up a user from as Admin in Plone.

Can anyone shed any light on this for me?

Many thanks,


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