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Joe Marshall jmarshall at geiger.com
Sun Aug 6 21:55:59 UTC 2006

	I would suggest you back up a step and try getting your rewrites to work without SSL.  That's what I had to the first time around.  But first a couple of clarifications as I know them...

You will always redirect to the Zope ports...Plone isn't and doesn't serve web pages...you MUST have Zope (and it's webserver) installed in order to use Plone... In the case of Plone sites, you request that Zope serve that directory up to you.

I would strongly suggest you use some kind of "domain name"...even it's just the workstation name.  You can always create an entry in your Host file to connect to it from another workstation (especially if you are using not routing IP's - e.g., 192.168.x.x or 10.10.x.x)

Speaking of routers...I would try and stay local lan for now if you can...all of our web servers are behind redundant load balancers, behind a core switch, behind a firewall...but we've got network techs to set everything up! :)

Going back to SSL...I'm working on a new copy of your http.conf file that you can test and will send shortly...I'm removing / commenting out all of the SSL stuff to get the rewrites to work before adding the SSL layer of complexity.  One thing that jumps out at me, and I know I had troubles with, is the order that things are listed in your conf file.  Note in my copy that I sent you, the very last thing is the include for my ssl.conf file...that comes AFTER all of my rewrite rules etc.  

Finally, start with a Plone site in your Zope instance to keep things less confusing...look in the http file I'm sending you for my comments.

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Hello again

Ok now some progress :)

Even though I am not able to have anything else as a VirtualHost than *.443 I come one step closer when I set NameVirtualHost the same as VirtualHost. I get the "It works" page after logging in with ssl. But as soon as I turn on my rewrite rules I get the "forbidden access" page.

My rewrite rule is:

RewriteRule ^/(.*)

Btw should I rewrite the zope port or the plone port? I want plone to show but the VirtualHostMonster is on zope. I don't qutie get it.

My guess is that I'm pointing somewhere where the VirtualHostMonster can't be found.


Martin Malek

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> Double check that the NameVirtualHost and VirtualHost have the same 
> values. :)

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