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Thank you Phil, I think I will have to "digest" all this information before
applying it but I will try,

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> Hi Marie-Anne,
> Marie-Anne Delahaut wrote:
> > Question : it seems you just have to name a "site" in 
> Plone, but how to
> > associate it with a DNS ? 
> > As for now the public URL is "myIP:8088", but I would like it to be
> > "mydomainname-dot-gtld" : how can I do that - and, of 
> course, later on, how
> > can I create more than one domain name/ web site with Plone ?
> > 
> There are two parts to this: -
> - the first is that you need to be on port 80, so sooner or later you
> will need to use a second IP (so that you can coexist with 
> IIS) or some
> form of proxy, as per previous posts.
> - the second is that you need to use the VHM (virtual host monster) to
> rewrite requests. There is a howto on plon.org about doing 
> this without
> proxying at: -
> http://plone.org/documentation/how-to/multiple-sites-without-p

...which tells you about the VHM and how to work with Plone's
AccessRule. Personally, the first thing I do when I set Plone up is kill
that AccessRule - so I can't vouch for that part of the howto. There is
a bit more about the AccessRule here: -



FWIW, once the AccessRule is out of the picture, the standard Zope docs
for the VHM are the place to go: -






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