[Setup] IIS

Marie-Anne Delahaut delahaut.marie-anne at wallonie-isoc.org
Fri Aug 4 19:38:58 UTC 2006


I got some help about the firewall but I did it :)
Plone is now on port 8088, my other web sites in the IIS on port 80, Zope on
port 8080 and all is well that ends/begins well.
Problem was that my antivirus console is also on port 8080, but I will
change it.

Question : it seems you just have to name a "site" in Plone, but how to
associate it with a DNS ? 
As for now the public URL is "myIP:8088", but I would like it to be
"mydomainname-dot-gtld" : how can I do that - and, of course, later on, how
can I create more than one domain name/ web site with Plone ?

Thanks again,


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