[Setup] how to test if user is administrator (was: short question)

Rene Pijlman rene at lab.applinet.nl
Thu Aug 3 17:03:49 UTC 2006

Flávio Romão:
>i'm developing a web portal with portal and i would like to know if there is
>a function similar to 'isAnon' (that returns true if the user is anonymus),
>but that returns true is the user is a portal administrator. thanks!

The idiom is:


'member' is defined in

This checks for the role, not group membership (but normally
your administrator group has the manager role).

You should ask yourself why you're checking for the role, rather
than a particular permission for the acion you're guarding.

Please use a real subject next time.

Rene Pijlman

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