[Setup] Cant upgrade my previous websites to Plone 2.5

Chuck Amadi Systems Administrator chuck at smtl.co.uk
Thu Aug 3 15:56:12 UTC 2006

Hi I am in dire need of some help 

I have upgrade to Zope 2.9.3, Plone 2.5 and Python 2.3.4

I am trying to import my previous websites.zxep files into the my import
directory in my new zope but all report that the portal_form and
portal_naviagation are broken.

When I edit them they say the following:

This object is broken because the CMFPlone product that created it is no
longer installed or is installed incorrectly. Please contact the product
maintainer for assistance.

Note that the data associated with this product has not been lost, and
will be accessible again if the product is reinstalled.

The previous CMFPone I used was CMFPlone (Installed product CMFPlone
which has the files FormTool.py FormTool.pyc NavigationTool.py

These files don't exist in the new CMFPlone (Installed product CMFPlone
So what can I do these websites are currently running live on my old
server and I need to transfer them to my new server that I am

I assumed the upgrade would take into account depreiated Products but
create new ones to help zope/plone users upgrade accordingly.

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Chuck Amadi
The Surgical Material Testing Laboratory (SMTL), 
Princess of Wales Hospital 
Coity Road 
United Kingdom, CF31 1RQ.
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