[Setup] IIS

Mikko Koivunen mikko.koivunen at deltamarin.com
Thu Aug 3 11:14:29 UTC 2006

Taylan SANCAR wrote:
> Hi
> My current web page is html format (making by Frontpage) and we publish it using
> IIS in Windows Server 2003. Now I want to install Plone to my server. But I
> don't know if it blocks my current web page. Could anybody please help me about
> this matter?
You just have to configure the ports correcly in IIS and Plone/Zope. By 
default the Windows Plone installer will take :80 for the Plone site and 
thus conflict with IIS, but you can change it with the controller 
application that comes with Plone (for Windows). Or you could configure 
IIS to use some other port.

Mikko Koivunen

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