[Setup] no /opt/Plone directory after install

splone at redpumas.com splone at redpumas.com
Wed Aug 2 22:05:44 UTC 2006


I have previously installed Plone 2.1 from source following the How To on
the Plone site. All fine

But today I wanted to install Plone 2.5 using the Unified Installer on my
Centos 4.3 box.

The install appears to fine, the message reads that all was ok when the
script ends. However ther is no /opt/Plone2.5 directory, hence no Plone

the permissions on /opt are
drwxr-xr-x   3 root   root    4096 Jul 24 21:38 opt

I ran the install.sh as sudo and then root still nothing.

Any ideas?


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