[Setup] Re: Single-sign on with Active Directory

Sinéad Reynolds sinead.reynolds at finance.gov.ie
Wed Aug 2 08:27:36 UTC 2006

Nick Davis <nd51 at ...> writes:

> Actually it might be the Desktop you want instead , and there's a free 
> trial version:
> http://www.enfoldsystems.com/Products/Desktop

Thanks for the responses Nick.

I agree that single sign-on seems to be the "holy grail", but users are 
inherently lazy; they want it all done for them! Also, it's hard to sell a new 
product when the old one (Sharepoint) provided single sign on.

I can try and see if it is acceptable for double sign on, and will have a look 
at the Desktop product you linked to. I doubt that management would allow a 
spend of $2000(or whatever that is in Euros)! Then again, you never know!



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