[Setup] Setup of Plone on Windows 2003 Server (2)

Marie-Anne Delahaut delahaut.marie-anne at wallonie-isoc.org
Tue Aug 1 15:51:04 UTC 2006


I have installed Zope-9.2.4 on my server and its "Zope-Instance" works as a
Windows Service on Port 8080 :)

I have downloaded "Plone-2.5.tar.gz" in order to install it as a
"Zope-Instance\Product" but I don't have the tool to unzip it nor do I know
how to do on Windows, can you help me ? Anyway, would it be a solution for
me as... the Guide to Plone explains the procedure "2.1.3. Installing from
Source" for Linux only ?

If it does not work, I will keep the "Plone 2" for Windows which install
automatically Python and Zope-2. 
Again, that instance of Zope ("Plone 2\Data") does not work : is it possible
to deactivate the instance of "Plone 2\Zope" inside Plone and to delete the
directory without problem ?

My other questions remain (choice of Port if not 80; Plone with the IIS;
developing more than one site with Plone)...

Thanks again,


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