[Setup] Mail error when adding a new user

6BerYeti 6beryeti at gmail.com
Thu Apr 27 15:20:56 UTC 2006

Hi everybody

I am very new french user to Plone and try to setup my firt plone site.
As I want to add a new user, Plone ask name, login and mail address.
But when validating the form, the answer is :
We were unable to send your password to your email address: (554, '<
cyber18-3.paris.imaginet.fr[]>: Client host rejected: Access

In the Site Setup->ZMI->MailHost, I have added the smtp server address of my
usual Internet Access Provider (smtp.free.fr) and whether or not I add my
free user name and password, it gives me the same error.

I don't understand at all where I can have missed something, so thanks to
you if you can help.

Best Regards,
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