[Setup] Cannot make Plone Gazette visible

Bastien Gauthier GBastien at commune.Sambreville.be
Tue Apr 25 09:48:27 UTC 2006

You have to add at least one "newsletter theme" if you want the portlet to appear...

BASTIEN Gauthier
Service Informatique - Administration Communale de Sambreville

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I've been trying to get PloneGazette to work but I can't get the portlet 
to appear.

After installing it using QuickInstall, I've tried putting


in various positions in the left_slot or the right_slot of the 
properties of the plone instance, but there is no change to the 
appearance of my plone home page at all.

I've tried both the "1.0 final" version and a version I checked a couple 
of hours ago:

svn co https://svn.pilotsystems.net/projets/PloneGazette <https://svn.pilotsystems.net/projets/PloneGazette/trunk>

but they both behave the same way.

The only thing that I see in event.log that mentions PloneGazette are 
several repetitions of the following entry

2006-04-25T18:04:22 INFO Plone Debug 
No default action specified for status success, content type ANY. Users 
of IE can submit pages using the return key, resulting in no button in 
the REQUEST. Please specify a default action for this case.

OS is FreeBSD 6.0.
Python version is 2.4.3 (installed from FreeBSD ports)
Zope version is 2.8.6 (installed from FreeBSD ports)
Plone version is 2.1.2 (installed from tarball)

I've applied the latest security hotfix.

Does anyone have any suggestions or tips on this?


Nik Lam

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