[Setup] Re: AT + mimetype related 2.0_final to 2.1.2 migration faliure

Daniel Dekany ddekany at freemail.hu
Mon Apr 24 23:32:33 UTC 2006

Monday, April 24, 2006, 10:45:47 AM, Nick Davis wrote:

> Daniel Dekany wrote:
>> I have tracked it back as far as I can, but at the end I don't really
>> understand what I see:
> You probably did this already, but just in case - look at Mimetypes 
> through the ZMI. Are the icons all broken?

*Before* the migration the whole mimetypes_registry is totally broken,
I can't click on it. I guess it's normal. If, just for the sake of
experimenting, I install it before the migration, I can click on it,
but the icons inside it will be broken (because the image URL-s return
HTML pages instead of PNG/GIF-s), and I couldn't fix that by
reinstalling it, and the migration will fail on the usual way. *After*
successful migration (that happens only if I delete all the custom
AT-based objects) the mimetypes_registry looks OK.

> If so, go to Plone's add/remove products, remove Mimetypes, then add
> it back. That fixed similar errors for us. Why does migration cause
> it to break? I don't know....
> If that doesn't fix your problem, sorry I don't know much more . ;-(

Well, I have a couple of ideas (and hair) left...

Still, anybody happens to know, to recapitulate my previous mail:
While migrating to 2.1, why the BaseUnit.mimetype doesn't implement
Products.MimetypesRegistry.interfaces.MimeTypeItem, where the said
BaseUnit object is the value of an AT field in an "old" object (whose
class extends BaseContent, and uses BaseSchema+Schema(...), previously
used successfully with AT 1.2.5-rc4)?

Best regards,
 Daniel Dekany

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