[Setup] Plone login behind Apache 1.3 results in Zope page?

Paul Suh paul.suh at ps-enable.com
Mon Apr 17 21:10:15 UTC 2006


I'm trying to set up Plone behind an Apache 1.3 server. Plone is  
running on a different machine from the actual Apache server, and I  
am using VHM and proxying from httpd.conf to get the pages. Both  
servers are Mac OS X Server 10.4.6, Plone is 2.1.2 with the Tyrell  
installer. The proxy line I am using is:

                 RewriteRule ^/(.*) 
$1 [L,P]

This works just fine for most things, but when a user logs in for the  
very first time they get the Zope default page instead of the  
expected Plone page. The URL bar contains:


Going directly to the Plone instance at and logging  
in works just fine. Behavior is the same using Safari 2, FireFox 1.5,  
and IE 6.0 (Windows). The problem seems to be the  
"virtual_hosting///" part of the URL -- delete that and the expected  
page is returned to the browser. Also, hitting the back button then  
reloading gives you the page you would expect for a logged in user.  
Logging out and logging back in from the same browser window does NOT  
give you the Zope page. Closing the browser window and opening a new  
one then logging in results in the same error.

If you want to try it for yourself, hit http://www.ncac- 
cubscoutspack8.org/ and use the user ID and password demo/bugtest.

I am new to Plone, pretty good with Apache and Mac OS X/X Server, but  
this one is a bit baffling. I tried searching gmane but nothing  
seemed to turn up.


paul.suh at ps- 
        (301) 643-1516

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