[Setup] Plone in French

gtr_yah gtrennert at yahoo.fr
Mon Apr 17 09:26:21 UTC 2006

Encolpe Degoute a écrit :
> gtr_yah a écrit :
>> hello
>> I need help because of the language of plone
>> In the beginning I switched the language to FRENCH : the result was that
>> some parts of the site were transated (as an exemple the join link was
>> translated to s'inscrire)
>> I don't know what happened but the site is allways on French but : all
>> the site is in english and I don't know Why.
>> Can somebody help me to make the whole site translated ?
> Hi,
> What's the Plone version?
> Is your web browser configured in french ?
> Have you installed PloneLanguageTool ?
> Regards,
Sorry - I wrote too fast

PloneLanguageTool (Installed product PloneLanguageTool (0.9))
PloneTranslations (Installed product PloneTranslations (2.1.2))

I don't know exactly the version of Plone but I suppose its the most 
recent & stable one (I will confirm asap)

I use Firefox and did nothing special - so can you please explain me 
what to do to configure it in french ?



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