[Setup] Re: portal(s) for multiple/mixed communities

Alan Runyan alan at enfoldsystems.com
Mon Apr 10 14:48:44 UTC 2006

Look at the 'stageg-site' howto.  That summarizes my approach.  Use
subfolders that have skins applied to them. Having multiple Plone is not
necessary, or rather - I have not seen a case for it yet.


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> Graham Perrin wrote:
> > Hi, my first post.
> Welcome.
> > 1) Does anyone here have experience with Plone serving the needs of 
> > multiple communities?
> We have multiple sub-communities here at University of 
> Leicester but serve them all from one plone site. Seems to 
> work well (still relatively early days though.)
> > a) Is it desirable/possible/proper to have _two_ separate Plone  
> > portals (one for Freeman Centre, one for CENTRIM) somehow inter- 
> > linked so that searches of the former might include results 
> from the  latter?
> If you've a lot of interlinking, it would seem easier to 
> maintain, if all in the same plone site
> > b) Or should we, from the outset, have just _one_ Plone portal with 
> > Freeman Centre in mind, and CENTRIM as a sibling or subset within  
> > that portal?
> That seems the better idea to me. You can have multiple 
> brands within a plone site, and don't advertise to anonymous 
> viewers, the fact that different areas of web content come 
> from the same plone site.
> > The catch: we should probably _not_ overtly express that 
> relationship/ 
> > subset. CENTRIM is geographically co-located (at Freeman 
> Centre) with  
> > a research centre on University of Sussex campus, but CENTRIM is 
> > organisationally within University of Brighton.
> The only concern is if at some point this relationship 
> changed and each party wants to host their content 
> seperately, which would be difficult if it was heavily interlinked.
> > 2) Can anyone advise, how easy would it be for ht://Dig 
> searches i.e.  
> > from our University home page <http://www.brighton.ac.uk/> 
> to include 
> > results from a Plone portal?
> I'm not too familiar with ht::/Dig, but its easy to get 
> selected content out of Plone using various catalog searches. 
> You can also search on metadata. even if ht::/Dig doesn't 
> find stuff you could append ht::/Digs results to a Plone 
> catalog search I would think...
> BTW you can also have RSS feeds from Plone to other sites.
> > 3) Are there any Plone 'horror stories' of which I should be aware?
> ;-)  Do NOT do customisations through the web - do them on 
> the filesystem otherwise you may later have a migration 
> mini-horror-story.
> Be careful which 3rd-party add-on products you use - some are 
> great, some are not.
> Zope Page Templates can be a pain to get your head around, 
> although very powerful.
> It is a steep learning curve but thats partly because its a 
> very powerful system.
> Hope that helps,
> Nick
> PS Others may have different opinions about whether to have 
> one or more sites...
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