[Setup] Re: portal(s) for multiple/mixed communities

Nick Davis nd51 at le.ac.uk
Mon Apr 10 13:46:09 UTC 2006

Graham Perrin wrote:
> Hi, my first post.

> 1) Does anyone here have experience with Plone serving the needs of  
> multiple communities? 
We have multiple sub-communities here at University of Leicester but 
serve them all from one plone site. Seems to work well (still relatively 
early days though.)

> a) Is it desirable/possible/proper to have _two_ separate Plone  portals 
> (one for Freeman Centre, one for CENTRIM) somehow inter- linked so that 
> searches of the former might include results from the  latter?
If you've a lot of interlinking, it would seem easier to maintain, if 
all in the same plone site

> b) Or should we, from the outset, have just _one_ Plone portal with  
> Freeman Centre in mind, and CENTRIM as a sibling or subset within  that 
> portal?
That seems the better idea to me. You can have multiple brands within a 
plone site, and don't advertise to anonymous viewers, the fact that 
different areas of web content come from the same plone site.

> The catch: we should probably _not_ overtly express that relationship/ 
> subset. CENTRIM is geographically co-located (at Freeman Centre) with  a 
> research centre on University of Sussex campus, but CENTRIM is  
> organisationally within University of Brighton.
The only concern is if at some point this relationship changed and each 
party wants to host their content seperately, which would be difficult 
if it was heavily interlinked.

> 2) Can anyone advise, how easy would it be for ht://Dig searches i.e.  
> from our University home page <http://www.brighton.ac.uk/> to include  
> results from a Plone portal?
I'm not too familiar with ht::/Dig, but its easy to get selected content 
out of Plone using various catalog searches. You can also search on 
metadata. even if ht::/Dig doesn't find stuff you could append ht::/Digs 
results to a Plone catalog search I would think...

BTW you can also have RSS feeds from Plone to other sites.

> 3) Are there any Plone 'horror stories' of which I should be aware?
;-)  Do NOT do customisations through the web - do them on the 
filesystem otherwise you may later have a migration mini-horror-story.
Be careful which 3rd-party add-on products you use - some are great, 
some are not.
Zope Page Templates can be a pain to get your head around, although very 

It is a steep learning curve but thats partly because its a very 
powerful system.

Hope that helps,

PS Others may have different opinions about whether to have one or more 

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