[Setup] LDAPUserfolder and Active Directory groups management

Alan Runyan alan at enfoldsystems.com
Fri Apr 7 17:33:01 UTC 2006

As far as I know, Enfold Server has some of the most sophisticated
Active Directory interaction and we do not support adding users nor
groups to Active Directory.  There are other mechanisms we provide to
add custom members/groups to Plone.  But manipulating a canonical
authentication source from the CMS has been requested by any purchaser
of Enfold Server nor any of our clients at Enfold Systems have asked

If other people have this use case I would love to hear about it.  None
of our clients would allow us to write to Active Directory.

Alan Runyan 

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> Thanks for the responses. 
> There are no security errors on the AD box we are connecting 
> to, and I am fairly confident that isn't the issue (I tested 
> this possibility using a domain admin account as the manager proxy).
> http://ingeniweb.sourceforge.net/Products/GroupUserFolder/doc/
> P.html seems to indicate in the 'Groups Support Info' section 
> that adding groups should be supported though.
> We are interested in this due to the division of roles in our IT shop.
> The Networking team manages Active Directory, and the web 
> team manages authorization in what will soon be a rather 
> large Plone installation (we will be looking at somewhere 
> near 100 subdirectories with unique permissions). 
> While there are other solutions (request new groups from the 
> NIS team, grant web team users limited access to AD, etc.) it 
> would be a bit more elegant imo to use the zmi - which will 
> be familiar - to manage the groups rather than accessing AD 
> directly. This would seem closest to the default plone 
> behavior, and would simply be swapping out where the users 
> and groups are stored.
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> groups management
> I do not believe that operation is supported.
> Check your event logs on server to see if your getting a 
> security error.
> This is probably not a good idea in the long term.
> Alan
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