[Setup] Re: Odd problem with Firefox

Richard Bacon richard.bacon at centreport.co.nz
Wed Apr 5 20:28:52 UTC 2006

Justin, I have had a similar problem - reported in 

A link to an internal drive works fine in MSIE, but does nothing in Firefox. 
I don't get any information about the page loading - it just sits there and 
does nothing. If I cut and paste the offending link into Firefox directly - 
it works fine!

Here's a workaround I found -also quoted in the other ngroup

"an artcle in Personal Computer World
March 2006, p145, gives the clue - install the IE Tab.
Go to Tools/Extensions and pick up the IE tab at the site. Install it by
dragging to a toolbar.
When the link in my page fails to work, I just hit the IE tab and then get
the functionality."



Richard Bacon

"Justin Eiler" <justin.eiler at gmail.com> wrote 
in message 
news:4c2bf5c90603261606r2dacc56fsb2260c21f5794d6f at mail.gmail.com...
Greetings, all,

I've installed Plone on my WinXPPro machine, and it seems to be
running fine. I can access the Zope Management Interface with no
problems, but when I click "View Plome" or go to localhost, it never
finishes downloading the page--Firefox only shows "Transfer-encoding:
chunked 47a" and keeps acting like it's waiting for a page to load. If
I stop loading the page and view the source, it looks like the page is
all there, and I can view it in IExplore, but Firefox isn't giving me

Any ideas, or is this likely to be a Firefox issue?


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